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Find out how other developers have become successful integrating with Brother labeling and movile printers. Learn about what worked for them: the different products they integrated with, and their experiences with Brother.

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Labeling Case Studies

They collaborated with Brother, using the Brother Print Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone®/iPad® to simplify the process of wireless name tag printing to help separate themselves from their competition. Brother Office Talk recently sat down and spoke with Boomset Co-Founder and CEO, Cem Kozinoglu, about what led to this collaboration. Read More

Brian Agee is the owner and developer for Agee Race Timing. Brother Office Talk recently sat down and spoke with Brian about how he decided to incorporate the Brother QL-700 as a component of his race timing software. Read More

GSTools is a suite of applications specifically designed for mobile devices to simplify student management tasks under both normal and emergency situations. Good School Tools apps are available exclusively for iPhones® and/or iPads®, enabling school staff to manage students anytime from anywhere. Read More

Envoy is changing how visitors and guests are greeted in companies around the world. Founded in 2013, Envoy has served over 10 million visitors in 57 countries and is used by some of today’s most exciting brands.

Envoy is an iPad-based visitor management solution that electronically collects and stores visitor details, allows visitors to sign NDAs or other required legal documents and takes visitor photos. By connecting to Brother’s professional, high-speed label printers, Envoy also automatically prints visitor badges.
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Partnering with Brother, Eventdex is now positioned to deliver a world-class onsite attendee experience for its clients. This partnership allows Eventdex's clients to print on demand attendee badges and track attendees in real time, helping to save both time and money.

Using Eventdex and the Brother label printer helps eliminate much of the paperwork needed to track guests and manage their check-in and check-out information. Event planners can stop worrying about typos on badges, sorting and arranging them and printing badges in advance. Using Eventdex, event planners and coordinators can simply check-in attendees as they arrive and print badges on the spot. Read More

Mobile Printing Case Studies

The Winter Garden Police Department wanted to find a better and more reliable alternative to the mobile inkjet printers they had been deploying in their vehicles. A demo unit of the Brother™ PocketJet® 6 mobile thermal printer was provided to the department for evaluation that included the full-page thermal printer, a Brother™ mount that enclosed both the printer and paper, a vehicle power adapter, and Brother™ continuous-roll thermal paper. Read More

Manufacturing lead acid batteries has production challenges, but sourcing a serial number label shouldn’t be one of them. The quality assurance team at a leading manufacturer of lead acid batteries decided they wanted a product marking solution to track their batteries in real time through the production process. Read More

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Be Sure to include your Name and how you used the SDK.